Your body doesn't change over night.

Change doesn’t happen over night, but one change can make all the difference.

Philip Sessions Transformation
The left side of the picture is in the middle of the covid shutdown (March 25th) weighing 208

The right side of the picture is today (August 7th) weighing 191

133 days have passed.

No I didn’t eat perfectly every day and I didn’t workout every day either.

What I did do was stick to a goal.

A goal of getting to a more optimal version of myself, but I wasn’t willing to kill myself doing it!

Protein donuts, protein pancakes, desserts, cheat name it and I’ve probably had it throughout this time, but in the end I spent more time on the plan than off of it.

Better yet, most of it was on the plan 😉

So let me tell you the real secret to getting the dream body you’ve always wanted.

By making the process something you can sustain!

If you want some help let’s talk!

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