Why you need to plan out your meals for the day

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
- Ben Franklin
This is a quote you have probably heard before and it's fairly simply. If you don't plan you will fail. Maybe not to day or tomorrow, but eventually you will fail!
So why is planning so important when it comes to your meals?
Well, if you're trying to get into better shape, maintain your weight, gain, or lose weight we all need to be planning our day of eating as well!!
Because sometimes our day just gets to us and we can end up making bad choices!!
No, one day of bad eating may not kill us, but eating bad over consecutive days sure will!!!
This is why you have to plan - for the days that you aren't at your best!!
When you plan what you're going to eat not only do you help ensure you hit your goals of most likely eating healthy, but you may be able to even squeeze in a nice snack or treat like peanut butter or a brownie!!!
Who wouldn't want to have that in their daily meal plan?
I know some days I would!!!!
It's not the most optimal thing, but if it helps you stay on track then plan it in to your meals for the day!!!!
Don't wait until you're sitting down to eat to see if you can do it. Plan it out the night before or the morning of!!
Trust me, it's tedious at first, but it makes the day so much smoother when you've worked through the numbers already.
If you'd like some help learning about this I'd love to help you out!
Just reach out to me on Facebook  or Instagram  and I'll help you out any way that I can!

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