Why measuring your meals is so important

Have you ever done something on the fly without planning it?

I know we all have. Sometimes that's life and we just have to figure it out as we go, but how did those days feel?

I bet they felt a little overwhelming.

Felt like you were missing some things or didn't do all the things you should have done.

Maybe you did too much?

Who knows because you just kind of went with it....


That's exactly why you need to measure your meals!!

When we don't we can get really frustrated and in a panic because we don't know what to eat and worse, the scale fluctuates and we are frustrated because it seems like we have lost our way on our diet. All that traction we were making just went out the window in ONE day!!!!

Not to mention that eyeballing food and how much it is changes on how you feel that day and how hungry you are.

I know if I eyeball some chicken and sweet potatoes it's going to be different than if I measured it.

Say you eyeball 4oz of each. Well you'll say to yourself, ehh that's close!!

If you're hungry you'll probably even say, "well...a little more won't hurt me. That's still pretty close to 4oz!"

See? depending on how you feel you're going to 'measure' the food a little different. 

When we weight it out that changes completely!! We no longer have to worry about how we feel! The scale will tell us what 4oz is every time!!

So why measure all your food?

So that you consistently eat the same thing no matter the mood you're in!

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