Why eat according to macros?

First of all, what are macros?

They are Protein, Carbs, and Fats which all make up the calories you consume in a day.

Everyone knows generally to eat less and lose weight and eat more to gain weight, but what most don't know is that you really don't want to go to either of those extremes!!!

Why is that though?

Because when we go to one extreme or the other we are not doing our body any good.

Let's look at macros like a monthly budget.

If you spend way MORE than you bring in each month you will start to accumulate a lot of debt fast!!!

If you spend way LESS than you bring in each month you will start to save a lot of money fast!!!

Well we get why gaining debt is bad, but why in the world would saving money fast be a bad thing?

Well it's not until you look at how you're saving that money so fast....When you aren't spending the money and just saving it you aren't pay your bills, your mortgage gets behind, maybe you aren't paying for cars, etc. So clearly this is all going to catch up to you!

So how do we go about getting to our goal of losing or gaining weight?

By slowly taking away or adding calories to your diet!

Don't go from 4000 calories/day down to 1000. That is way too fast of a drop.

Instead, go down to 3000-3500. This is reasonable. Your body will know you're making changes, but they're not too much so you won't feel starved and end up crashing and burning!!

If we slowly cut things out of our monthly budget and spend less we won't notice how much we are cutting out and 'missing out on'.

This is exactly how it is with cutting calories. Cut out a little and you won't notice it as much.

If you need help with setting up your macros let me know! I'd more more than happy to help!

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