Why diets suck

There are so many diets out there..keto, paleo, weight watchers, and Atkins diets to name a few. All of these seem to limit or completely cut out something from your diet. As I’ve grown in my fitness and health knowledge I’ve come to the realization that diets don’t work!! At least not for the long run. Many people including myself don’t have the mental fortitude to up with a diet for decades.
So, what’s changed? I’ve found a way to create balance in a diet. It’s all about a balance. You’re going to feel more energy and less hardship by allowing yourself to recognize what foods are good and bad. Recognize when you’ve ate enough. Recognize that it’s okay to have that chocolate cake or donut every once in a while(preferably once a week at most). I’ve been working with clients and helping them create a lifestyle that they can enjoy while losing the weight they want over time.
Depending on how quickly you want to lose weight is how drastically you should be changing your diet. Eating chicken and rice isn’t for everyone and I totally understand that. So let’s get you on the right path with a great diet plan fit for a lifestyle not 3 months!

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