What should you post on social media?

This podcast is for those who are concerned about building an audience and/or promoting their brand/business.

Often we worry about posting the right things to get likes, comments, and shares. The problem is, when we worry about those metrics, we throw out the true value of our content which is OURSELVES!!! You have to put YOUR personality behind a post or no one will get the true value you can bring to them. This is exactly the thoughts I had a couple mornings ago when I went to post on LinkedIn. I was getting ready to post a bible verse and then I thought about how that has nothing to do with business, let alone commercial real estate which is what I do for a career. Then it dawned on me, commercial real estate is something I do, but it's not all of me. I'm also a very religious person and if I don't put out content about religion, I'm not being the true me. Yes, I'm a professional and I do business in commercial real estate, but when someone hires me to help them, they are hiring me for more reasons than just my knowledge. They are hiring me because they trust me and like who I am. If I only post about commercial real estate, they will never know the true me and will less likely trust me and want to work with me.

So, when you're thinking about posting something, don't think about "is this promoting what I do?", but rather ask yourself, "is this promoting who I am?" 

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