What should you eat after weight training?

Have you ever felt so sore after a leg workout?

So sore that you literally can't workout for 2-3 days?


That's exactly how I was until I found out about post workout carbs!

I remember those days where I'd hit legs really hard and I felt awesome!! Like I had really done something good for myself!

Then it would hit me!

You know, that terrible pain in the back of your legs where you can't sit down on the toilet without grabbing on to the wall or just plopping right down onto the toilet.

After leg day, anything that required me to move just wasn't pleasant at all!

That ain't normal!!

Honestly I thought it was back in the day.

I thought being sore for 2-3 days and barely moving meant I was really working hard and so every week I'd go through this same thing, but you don't have to!!!

I think it's safe to say that most of us know about taking a post workout protein shake and I was dong that, but once I added in a fast digesting carbohydrate to my post workout shake it changed everything!!!!

Literally, day 1 I could tell a difference. No longer was I walking funny, barely moving, couldn't hardly move, and grabbing everything just to get on the toilet.

Of course I was still sore, but it was a comfortable sore.

The soreness will never go away, but ever since adding in this fast digesting carbohydrate to my protein shake post workout it changed everything!!!

If you thought that being uncomfortably sore 2-3 days after your workout was normal, it's not. Maybe you've tried a few things and they probably didn't work out for you. If you haven't tried a fast digesting carbohydrate after a workout you should! It'll make all the difference in how you feel 2-3 days after leg day.

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