What is the best type of exercise?

"What is the best type of exercise?"

When starting on your fitness journey this is a question that is often asked.

So, what is the best exercise? It's the one that you will stick to to be honest.

I know, that's probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but let's face it.

You haven't been working out for who knows how long. Perhaps you have in the past, but then you'd give up...

Really think about it, especially if you're just starting, what workout will I do 4-7 times a week for 3 months?

If it's walking, great!

If it's yoga, great!

If it's weight training, great!!

As long as it's something you will do continuously without giving up after a week that's great!!

Overall a well rounded workout regimen is going to be the most beneficial!

No one exercise is truly superior to another, except if you're going for a specific goal.

I.e. Your goal is to get stronger. You wouldn't do walking exercises!!! You would pick yoga or weight training instead.

So really think about that goal and pick an exercise routine that's sustainable for you AND that aligns with your goal. That's the best type of exercise!

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