What are you doing post workout?

If you’re finding yourself, sore, fatigued, or hungry after a workout listen up 👂‼️

Most people don’t know this secret so keep it between you and me 🤫

What you do post workout will help or hinder your soreness, fatigue, and hunger after that great workout you just had!

So what’s the secret?

It’s by taking a good quality whey protein shake paired with fast absorbing carbohydrates.

The reason being is that your body is low in glycogen post workout.

Replenishing your glycogen stores and spiking your insulin for maximum protein and nutrient assimilation is key.

Most people stick to just protein post workout.

While this is okay, your body has to use the protein and convert it into glycogen first and then use what’s left for protein to help build muscle.

If you simply add in carbohydrates like ignition to your post workout shake you allow your protein to do what it’s supposed to do..be protein!!!

So the reason you may not be seeing the gains, staying sore, having lack of energy, and hungry after a workout is due to improper post workout!

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