Take your goals day by day

I was out door knocking for a church event the other day and I was just going from door to door. At one point I look back and I was half a mile down the road and 40 houses at least! It got me thinking about how I was taking this journey one step(door) at a time.
We are all young at heart and often times so eager to get to that final destination. When we think about how we are going to get there and how far the journey is we tend to get scared, but if you just take it one door at a time you’ll get there and it won’t feel like it was as challenging as when you first started visualizing getting to that goal.
Think of the saying, “how do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time!” It’s that concept that you need to apply! How do you make a million dollars in a year? $83,333.33/month or $2739.73/day or $114/hour or $2/minute. Looking at that million dollars seems like a lot, but breaking it all the way down to a minute makes it seem so much more attainable! This is exactly what we need to do with any goal we have..break it down into BITE . SIZE . PIECES!

Comment what your goal is and I’ll help you break it down into manageable and actionable steps!

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