One day won't have an impact on your life, but one year can!

This is just some of the thoughts I had over this past year. At the time of this recording it was my birthday and I talked about the different things that happened this past birth year. One year can make a huge difference, while one day won't. Don't fear the failures of one day. That one bad day won't ruin your whole life, just like one good day won't change your life either. Yes, there are anomalies, but for the most part, one day won't change your life forever.

So stop living for the day, weekend, or month, and start living for the year, decade, or life.

My challenge to you is to write down at least 5 big things you want to happen this next "birth" year! You could just choose today to be the day to start the year mark. Don't delay your life by waiting for a new year to start something new. START NOW!!!!


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