Motivation vs Inspiration

What's the difference between motivation and inspiration?

Motivation gets you amped up to do something based on a surface level and often fleeting feeling.

Inspiration gets you amped up to do something based on a deep emotional level that at least lasts longer than motivation, but usually is what gets people to actually take action!!

Think about it this way, when you hear a speech on something and it gets you fired up. You're ready to go out and do something, but you're still driving or had something else in your day to finish first. Because you had these things to finish first by the time you get to the thing you were so ready to do you've lost all that fire. 

That was motivation.

Now think about a time where you heard something and it "triggered" something inside you. Something that you just couldn't turn off until you took care of this "new situation" that perhaps you didn't realize was a pain point in your life. You had been just letting it be a thought, but never something that seemed urgent, but now you think about it all the time. You get knots in your stomach when you haven't accomplished it yet.

This is inspiration - when you have something that you HAVE to get done or it'll eat you up.

So which one are you trying to bring into your life more? Motivation or Inspiration?

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