Meeting new people

How often do you meet new people?

If you said never or rarely, then that's a problem. Grant Cardone said, "Strangers have everything that you want." What he means by that is that the people you don't know have the skills that you're looking for. So in order to get those skills and grow you have to meet new people. The people you're with now don't have anything new for you to learn, because you already know them and what they can do. You have to keep seeking new people to meet in order to learn more and obtain more in life. Not just monetarily, but also mentally. People outside of your group can help you see a perspective on things you're doing and places you want to go that those in your current circle can't. Plus, most outsiders are more willing to help you progress in life than those you're close to. I have no clue why that is, but people that really know you seem to hold you back. 

Now you shouldn't just try to meet every single person you don't know. That won't be of any value either. You need to be selective on whom you meet. Your intention behind meeting someone should be to help each other grow and not just yourself, unless you're paying a mentor or doing some kind of exchange, then that is different. Either way, don't go looking for new people just for your own gain, it's going to slap you in the face and not work out in the end. 

Another thing that's said a lot is that your network id your net worth. If you take a look at those around you, are they making a lot of money and/or are they really positive. Being around broke and negative people isn't going to get you places in life. You have to meet people that are positive and want to go places. Once you meet those people y'all can go together and attack life. 



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