Just a small part of my fitness journey

Those of you that are reading this most likely know that I love fitness. It is a huge part of my life.
I want to tell you a little bit about why that is and why I got started.
I got started first of all to have girls be more attracted to me, but also so I could stick up for myself.
Growing up my family(mainly my mom) always said I had big muscles 💪 but who really listens to their mom at a young age?
Well as I kept growing or rather not growing, all the guys in my school got bigger than me.
To this day I think about my 8th grade year where my birthday happened to fall on a school day. As guys we always did stupid things and I didn't want to admit it was my birthday, but people found out..and the wonderful thing was that one of the strongest, most muscular guys in our class found out too...
As tradition went, you got hit by everyone for your birthday. Well this big dude decided he was actually going to do it and let me tell you, IT HURT!!!! I had a bruise on my arm that was as big around as his fist at least and it lasted for almost two weeks.
Fast forward to 10 years of lifting and here I am bigger than the average guy.
Why? Because I didn't want to be picked on anymore!
I figured that if I got big enough people would stop trying to pick on me.
So far it's worked.
The thing is that it took years to get here and I'm not done yet.
I may not be that wimpy kid anymore, but I've still got to make sure I or anyone else I personally know doesn't get picked on.

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