Is a protein shake enough post workout?

Yes and no. A good protein shake will help for sure, but you need something paired with it to get the most out of that shake IF you just did some resistance training!!

If you did do resistance training you need a little more than just a solid protein shake like phormula-1.

So what do you need?

You need something to replace the glycogen stores that got depleted from your resistance training.

That product is called ignition.

Glycogen is your body’s carbohydrate stores that serve essentially as your on-board battery. Training with weights severely depletes your glycogen stores and drains that battery.

Now you could simply take just phormula-1 by itself, but the problem is that the protein has to convert to glycogen, restore all the depleted glycogen in your muscles, and then whatever is left over will be used as protein to help repair and build the muscles.

Doesn't sound like there would be much left over does it?

My thoughts too!!

So this is why you MUST pair ignition with phormula-1 after resistance training to get the most out of not only your workout, but the protein as well!!

Let the ignition refuel the glycogen(carbohydrate stores) in your muscles and let the phormula-1 do it's job and rebuild the micro trauma tears in the muscles that you just got done working out.

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