How to get bigger part 2

Disclaimer: **Now my recommendations are based off of what I do. I'm not a dietitian or certified in any way. So consult a professional before doing any of the following that I recommend.**

If you didn't listen to part one, you need to go back and do so before listening to this episode.

Last episode we got in to what the three body types that everyone is made up of which again are:

1. Ectomorph - These are usually the people who can't gain weight for anything!!!

2. Mesomorph - These are people who gain muscle easily and will gain some fat, but not as much as ectomorph's.

3. Ectomorph's - Can gain muscle easily, but also gain fat very easily as well as having a slow metabolism.

So think for a minute about which ones kind of fit you. You can't be both an ecto and endomorph so don't say that's your mixture. Take a look at the image on this blog for more details about each body type.

Again, food intake is more important than what you do at the gym. Let's talk about your food a little more..

Since the goal is to get bigger we want to be in a caloric surplus. What that mean's is that we are intaking more calories than we are burning in a day, which in turn means we are gaining weight. If you're afraid of gaining weight or don't want to gain it fast, you need to stick with what's called a clean bulk. However, if you aren't worried about gaining weight or getting rather plump, you can do what's called a dirty bulk.

What's the difference you ask?

Well it's all in the food you eat. 

Let's start with the clean bulk. With a clean bulk you will want to eat foods that aren't high in calories. Unfortunately these foods aren't as tasty and filled with lots of butter for any of you southern folk or Paula Dean fans, butter on everything in a clean bulk is a no go. Not to worry though! You are on a mission to gain weight, but not a bunch of fat. I will admit this is the harder way to do it, but all hard things are more worth it in the long run so your perseverance will pay off! With the clean bulk you're going to have to watch more of what you eat since you are trying to eat a bunch, but not gain all that fat. Also, you will typically up your caloric intake gradually versus drastically with a dirty bulk. Such as in steps versus all at once. This gradual process also helps you from gaining lots of weight quickly, but again, the process is so much longer!!

The dirty bulk: With the dirty bulk you will eat foods that have more sugars in fat in them typically as well as jump up in calories very rapidly. The upside is that your strength will go up quicker and you will be more free to eat what you want, but you will get thick a lot quicker! This is the cheaper way and faster approach as well.

My recommendation is to do a clean bulk, unless you don't mind gaining a lot of fat, you're impatient, and/or you may not be able to afford all the cleaner foods. Eating the cleaner foods will require you to eat more substance than doing it dirty on a calorie for calorie basis. 

So, just depending on what kind of lifestyle and body type you want to have during your bulk is the choice you should make.

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