How to get bigger Part 1

Disclaimer: **Now my recommendations are based off of what I do. I'm not a dietitian or certified in any way. So consult a professional before doing any of the following that I recommend.**


It's really a simple process dependent on how fast you want to grow. You have both a clean bulk and a dirty bulk. It's basically what you probably think.

Clean bulk = good whole foods

Dirty bulk = some clean and some dirty foods

With the dirty bulk you will gain weight quicker, but it will be a lot more fat and so once you've gotten to the size you want it will be harder to cut back down because you've put on so much weight and honestly chicken and rice is not the most delicious meal out there so who wants to go back to that to lean out? Ha!

More important than knowing what kind of bulk you want to do is to know what body type you have. Everyone falls between 2 of the 3 and very few are classified into 1 of these body types. They are:

1. Ectomorph - These are usually the people who can't gain weight for anything!!!

2. Mesomorph - These are people who gain muscle easily and will gain some fat, but not as much as ectomorph's.

3. Endomorph's - Can gain muscle easily, but also gain fat very easily as well as having a slow metabolism.

So think for a minute about which ones kind of fit you. You can't be noth an ecto and endomorph so don't say that's your mixture. Take a look at the image on this blog for more details about each body type.

I fall between a meso and endomorph myself. It's easy for me to gain weight, fat, and muscle, but it's rather hard for me to lose fat and my metabolism isn't super fast. However, I don't do much cardio at all so it's faster than an endomorph. 

So, now that you know your body type, you can figure out how you need to eat in order to get bigger. Beyond eating the gym plays a small role in getting bigger. Let me emphasize that...THE GYM PLAYS A SMALL ROLE in getting bigger. Most people make the mistake here and think that the gym is what gets you bigger when it's a small portion of the reason why you're getting bigger. The way to get bigger is through eating!!!!!!! The percentages are always a little different depending on who you ask, but they will always be in favor of the food you eat being more important than going to the gym. 

So, depending on your body type you need to eat a ton more or just moderately more food. Also, depending on your body type you need to eat cleaner or you can eat a little more dirty. 

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