How to feel less hungry while dieting

When I talk to my clients they typically ask at some point during their diet they ask, "What can I do to stop feeling so hungry?"

That's always a good question and it really depends on the person what to do and what you can do.

So what can the typical person do to combat this hunger feeling and still lose weight?

1. Drink more water

    • Too often, especially when dieting we aren't drinking enough water and drinking more will help fill your stomach up
2. Chew some gum
      • This is a great way to keep your mind a little busy and your mind/body going through the motion of eating(chewing) which will trick it a little.
    3. Stay productive
        • I like productivity more than business, but keep yourself occupied!!
        • Being productive will get your mind off the hunger and on to something else helping you forget all about being oh so hungry.
      4. Eat more protein!!!
          • Of course this will mean a macro change, but eating more protein helps you feel more full since protein is more satiating than carbs or fats.
          • Also, protein is good to have and most people aren't eating enough.
            • One benefit to eating more protein is that your body has trouble holding on to it and converting it as fat. Not impossible, but it does help!


        What are some things that you do to help fight off hunger?


        If you'd like help with controlling this hunger lets have a conversation and see if we would be a good match!

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