Finding more time in your day

Have you ever noticed how there are some days that you just think fly by and realize that you didn't hardly do anything? Me too!!! I have those days, but they have became less and less since I started implementing these few things...

Those things are as follows:

1. Being intentional with my time

2. Planning out what is most important for me to do to least important

3. Blocking out times for different things I want/need to do

Now let me go into detail about these,,

#1 - Being intentional is huge. If you're just kind of in the moment you won't get much out of that time used. Whether it be spending time with people or working. The time you spend will almost be useless, because you aren't there mentally! 

#2 - Once I sat down and realized what was most important for me and not for others I started noticing a huge change in productivity. This kind of goes with being intentional. If your only intention for doing something or being somewhere is to just make someone happy or for an ulterior motive, you will be not only wasting your time, but the other persons as well.

#3 - This is the most important step, but can't be completed until you do the first 2! Once you have figured out how to be intentional with your time and you have WRITTEN down what's most important to you, then you will be able to successfully to time blocking. The important thing with time blocking is the obvious that it keeps you organized, but it also tells you what you have to work on at that moment! The reason for working on one thing specifically for a certain amount of time is to help you be more efficient with your time and puts a sense of pressure on you to keep doing that task for the designated period of time! This is how you can find more time in your day!! It's because you are solely focused on one task at a time, therefore, giving you optimal performance at that one task and allowing you to do more in that time period than if you just tried to get something done that day without a specific time set out for each specific task.


So, if you aren't doing these 3 simple steps, you need to get started today! I know life happens and this won't happen every day, but I promise the more you practice this the more productive you will be!

P.S. The super wealthy do this, even with family and friends!!! They know it's the only way to be able to get everything done and to be IN THE MOMENT with their family, instead of sending out emails while playing with their kids or on a date with a spouse. 

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