Don’t be stuffed like a turkey!

Good morning and happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Of course today is a day to be thankful so remember to go tell some people why you’re thankful them and most importantly tell God that as well! I hope you’re doing that more than just today though!! :) Anywho, I just wanted to give some quick tips on eating on this big holiday filled with lots of yummy food!

  1. Enjoy yourself - don’t stress about eating too much! Period!
  2. Eat in small quantities - don’t stuff yourself full. You’ll end up eating more if you graze throughout the day. 
  3. Live in the moment - don’t think about tomorrow and how you’re going to have to burn off all those calories. 
  4. Drink lots of water - drink more. You probably haven’t had much
  5. Don’t skip meals beforehand - eat like you normally would. You have to make sure you’re getting most of your protein intake in for the day. Waiting to eat until the thanksgiving meal will leave you lacking protein. Not to mention you’ll feel more bloated once you finally do start eating. 

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