Consistency and why it’s crucial to your success

Today I wanna talk to y’all about consistency. Now I’ve been talking a lot about consistency lately. Specifically about how I eat exactly the same thing all the time I go to the gym about same time every day. I feel everything I do is basically the same day in and day out and that’s me being consistent. Now to live a healthy life you don’t have to stay monotonous with your consistency and never change things up. It’s okay to change things up! It’s okay to eat different things! BUT... when you’re first starting out with your healthy lifestyle with the new diet you want to stay consistent. You want to stay with exactly what you first calculated for your macros so you can easily figure out exactly what it is that you’re doing wrong in your diet. The only way to stay consistent at it is to track your macros for a period of time. Once you actually are consistent and you get used to that diet or regimen, staying on that same plan then you can deviate from it a little bit and it’s won’t hurt you at that point. But when you start out you’ve got to stick to the same thing. Yes, it’s a little harder. Yes it is boring, but you have to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Some people are super sensitive to carbs and some people are super sensitive to fats. Some people can’t have many carbs while others can have a lot. Unfortunately this isn’t something that is cookie cutter for every single person. This is something you’ve got to figure out through trial and error. You’re not gonna figure that out by constantly changing up how many carbs you have daily. Now carbs are not the enemy. Too many people keep acting like carbs are the enemy when really it’s yourself. So stop blaming outside sources on why you’re failing to get that healthier body you’ve been looking for.
Now consistency can be applied to everything in life not just about health. If you’re trying to get better at real estate, your finances better, and/or become better at your job you have to first put that effort into it and keep doing the same thing. Track everything you’re doing and as you find out decide what you need to fix as you go but you have got to keep doing the same thing for a while. For instance, with real estate, if one day you look at 10 properties and then you take two months off and then you try and look at one more property after two months and you wonder why you can’t find any deals, it’s because you haven’t been consistent. So how do you expect to find a good deal if you’re never involved in the process. First you must be involved in the process and do the things necessary to make that process happen. So just because you have an idea in your head that you want to buy a piece of land, by an apartment, or whatever you’re trying to buy it’s not gonna happen if you don’t actually put in that consistent effort.
I want you to think about what’s holding you back from putting in that consistent effort. I promise you that that consistent effort that you’re not putting in is all on you and has nothing to do with outside sources. Yes, okay. Maybe time but other than time, what’s holding you back and even then it’s not time itself it’s where you’re deciding to put your efforts at. So you need to decide what’s more important to you becoming better at and what you’re trying to go for or staying exactly where you’re at
So to make the changes you want in your life follow these 4 simple steps of consistency:
Step 1: Dedicate – To what you want to accomplish
Step 2: Plan – Make a list of things you need to do to get to that goal. (I.e. Meal plan)
Step 3: Execute – The action step. Take action and do the list of things you created.
Step 4: Results – Here’s where you can find out what’s working and isn’t working.
If something isn’t working, go back to step 2 and start over again.

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