5 steps to making a career jump

Now it’s time to execute!

5 steps to making the jump

  1. Think before you do
    1. Yes, you’re excited. You may have just gotten back from a conference that’s got you amped up to purse more, but you need to think about your exit plan from your current career and your exit plan into your next career!
  2. Figure out how much you need per month to live off of.
    1. This is especially important if you’re going into a commission only or self employed role.
    2. Budget
    3. Savings
    4. Part time work
  3. Don’t wait too long
    1. When you’re deciding how you’re going to make the transition and coming up with a game plan. Make sure you don’t overthink it! Overthinking will limit your willingness to make the change and upon making plans and then nothing goes according to that plan you will feel like you have lost! You will feel like you’re so far off path and shouldn’t have made the jump when that is the farthest thing from it!
  4. Only tell people that you know for sure will be there to support you before and during this transition
    1. Too many people are negative and will say you shouldn’t
      1. Parents
      2. “Friends”
  • Loved ones
  1. Family
  1. Having that support group will also help you in the tough times to keep you accountable
  1. Decide to be all in
    1. Without that dedication to go all in, it will never happen.
    2. If you hold back for any reason it’s like dipping your toe in the water. Yes, you’re wet, but you aren’t in the pool. Until dedicate and jump in the pool you never know how well you will actually do or not.

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