10X Series - What does it mean to you?

Last episode I asked what would 10X mean to you. In today's episode I go over what 10X means and looks like to mean and explain my 10X goals and how to create 10X goals of your own!

My goals:

1. Join the 2 comma club

2. Meet 10 new people/month

3. Do 10 speaking engagements this year

4. Speak about Christ more

5. Get 10K followers on IG

The thing with these goals is that most of them aren't specific enough. #2 and #3 are the only ones specific enough. Why is that? Because they state the goal, set a specific target to achieve, and a specific date to achieve the goal by. 

#1 and #5 are decent as they state the goal and set the target to achieve, but there's not specific date to achieve these by.

#4 is the weakest goal of them all when it comes to how to set a goal. It states the goal, but there's not specific target or date with it. 

In order to make a strong goal, you have to obviously state the goal, but then you need to be specific about it. A lot of people say they want to get rich or make a lot of money. That is a goal, but there's not specific target to it. You have to say how much you want to make or have. Once you establish that, you have to then set a date for that target. Once you have all three set in place you have a strong goal!

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